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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Selected Copywriting Portfolio

Reviewing the portfolio of a freelance advertising copywriter is like attempting precision marksmanship with a shotgun. You'll find excellent, polished work that reflects a writer's personal history--not the specific needs of your project.

My copywriting portfolio is diverse, in that you'll find ad headlines, online copywriting, print brochures, television ad concepts, and interview pieces. Rather than throw random samples in front of you, I prefer to talk specifics.

What are the requirements of your project? How can my experience and aptitudes help you solve your problem? Let's make the most of our time together. (Contact)

Screen captures from recent work with Mettler Athletic

I wrote headlines and marketing copy for Mettler's website, reworking existing text and creating extensive new program descriptions. See also the television spot based on the ad concept I generated for Mettler.

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