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Monday, February 11, 2008

Channeling Her Inner Smack

Lindsay and I are discussing the Jayhawks' upcoming schedule--shortly after they drop 100 points on Baylor without making a 3. Notice how we talk about the Jayhawks as "we." Because of all the coaching advice we have conveyed to them via the TV screen over the years.

Me: We don't play K-State again until March 1.
Lindsay: We're going to kick their rear ends into next week.


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John B. said...

Um . . .
KU's 100 would indeed be impressive . . . but for Baylor's 90--30 of which was scored by one guy. Just sayin'.

Pride goeth before a fall (to the Longhorns).

Ariel said...

Good point. And you're a prophet to boot.

KU had their butts kicked in the second half on the glass...James pretty much owned the post single-handedly. Combine that with a lack of want-to, a no-show from Brandon Rush, and the inability of the guards to penetrate and pitch...

Great win for Texas. Ugly second half for the Jayhawks. They have some big questions to answer in the next several games.


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