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Friday, February 22, 2008

Kritik Magazine Online

A promising new ezine is now up. Go take a look at Kritik Magazine. It caters to a collegiate crowd, but the "Career, Culture, Conversation" sections work for a wider audience. I've been impressed with the writing so far. If you want a good laugh, go read the article cryptically titled, "Why Guys Fear the Pretzel."

From the nicely come-uppity "About Us":

If you’re looking for yet another dry compilation of recent news or yawn-inducing music reviews, you came to the wrong place. We’re also not looking to preach to the choir—so if you’re faint-of-heart, either buck up or find a therapist. Kritik Magazine is an acidic and incisive online publication for college students, not the Ladies Home Journal. While a particular story may present multiple viewpoints, our writers will avoid half-hearted attempts to disguise their opinion. They have been commissioned to express their ideas in an unmistakably candid and humorous fashion; we hope you will enjoy reading the resulting content as much as we enjoy writing it.

HT: Timothy Zila.

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