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Monday, February 25, 2008

What Kind of Wreckage?

He stood and measured the earth;
he looked and shook the nations;
then the eternal mountains were scattered;
the everlasting hills sank low.
His were the everlasting ways. - Habakkuk 3:6
Will God level the mountains with his index finger, like a barista leveling ground espresso? Will he deflate the hills like needle-bitten beach balls? Perhaps he will, but does he ultimately have a different leveling, a different deflating in mind?

I'm going to go with option two. Because God created the earth and liked what he saw, but he didn't create the pride that wrinkles your heart into treacherous back country, distorting the landscape of humility, making your love impassible.

There are peaks and spires that try God's patience like a splinter under the nail, but they're human in nature. It's not Everest that he's fuming at, is what I'm saying. One day God intends to attack the craggy, top-heavy mountains of your heart's topography. For now, he lives with the irritation, because he's patient--but we have his word that every human soul will eventually sprawl full-length in front of him like Babel.

On that day, the arrogant and ego-driven will wish they weren't. We proud people should always be wary of God's metaphors.

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Will Robison said...

As we used to say in these parts, erosion is neato.


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