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Friday, February 08, 2008

More LOST Coming (4-6 More Episodes in Season 4?)

I just lifted this from Brad Andrews.

From Collider:

Hey everyone, I’m at the junket for Vantage Point* and I got a Lost scoop that you’d want to know about. While I don’t have an exact quote cause I’m sitting in the room right now, Matthew Fox was just in here moments ago and I was able to ask him about the rest of the season of “Lost.”

Since all the rumors are that the writers’ strike might be getting resolved this weekend, I asked him what would happen to the rest of the season if it does actually get resolved. He said that the rumor is the show would go back into production immediately, and the goal would be to shoot 4 to 6 episodes of the remaining 8 that were scheduled.

I then asked if they would try and take the 8 episode storyline and shrink it down to 4 (if that’s all they shoot) and he said I’d have to ask Damon. Needless to say, if I could, I would.

So if my words above make no sense as I’m rushing, the thing to know is that we will be getting more “Lost” this season after the original 8 episodes air. In total there will be either 12 or 14 episodes, and we’ll know the exact number once the strike gets resolved.

*Vantage Point is the new movie with Matthew Fox, William Hurt, Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, etc. in which the attempted assassination of the president is told from five different perspectives.

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Nathan said...

Where is the ageless Richard?


Will Hicks said...

He's been hanging out with Jimmy Smits on the Hispanic "Godfather" show, "Cane", on CBS. Hopefully Cane gets axed so Richard can return.

I'm looking forward to Vantage Point coming out so I don't have to see any more trailers for it. They're advertising that thing like crazy.

Ariel said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Vantage Point as well. Trailers everywhere.

Will, as the resident LOST expert, I need to recruit you to do guest posts here. Seriously...

Will Hicks said...

You are too kind. I really think LOST will be one of those shows that other genre shows are compared to, like Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone.

The genius thing LOST did was wrap a compelling story about people stranded on a desert island around a delicious sci-fi center.

People who NEVER watch sci-fi have been "tricked" into enjoying a show that's with story elements that would be more comfortable to fans of The X-Files than Law and Oder or the latest CSI garbage.


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