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Monday, February 18, 2008

More NCAA Bracket Predictions

[UPDATE:] Here are my 2008 NCAA Tournament Picks.

On last week's NCAA tournament watch, I noted that FOX Sports had six Big 12 teams represented in the season's first bracket. The same is true this week--and the same six teams are listed--but there's been some slippage. I'll list this week's rank in parentheses ( ) and the previous week's in brackets [ ].

Kansas (1) [1] - lost to Texas, otherwise, took care of business.
Texas (2) [3] - moved up, thanks to beating KU in Austin.
Texas A&M (6) [6] - despite a loss to Oklahoma State.
Kansas State (6) [5] - dropped a game to Texas Tech.
Baylor (11) [9] - losses to KU, Oklahoma State, Texas. Tough stretch.
Oklahoma (11) [6] - losses to Texas and bottom-feeder Colorado hurt OK's chances.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Oklahoma falling out of the tourney, possibly to be replaced by their in-state rivals, OK-State. FOX has seven Pac 10 teams making the big dance--which I take as an insult, after the Big 12 split the "Hardwood Challenge" with their West Coast rivals, 7 games to 7. ;) If I had to call it, I'd say both leagues will get six teams in.

Pleasant surprise: The ACC has only four teams listed. Despite Dick Vitale.

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R. Sherman said...

"You forgot to mention Mizzou winning the Big 12 Tournament," he said, grasping for the tiniest of bit of flotation in a sea of basketball despair.


John B. said...

Granted, I've not been following Pac-10 basketball all that closely, but really--seven teams??? UCLA, Washington State, Stanford, sure. I know I'd read somewhere that due to the down years some conferences are having (the ACC and Missouri Valley come to mind), some teams from the bigger conferences would get at-large bids that they wouldn't have gotten, say, last year. But man! I don't get it.

I have to admit that I still have a soft spot for Baylor, only now recovering from the hell of Dave Bliss's tenure there. As an #11 seed, they could do some damage in the tournament if the stars aligned just so; if any team deserved that after what they've been through, it would be the Bears.

Nathan said...

A lot of hood sleepers that could go far in the tourney.

I really hope we can be consistent enough to make it 6 games in a row. I don't know even with that 1 seed.


Ariel said...

@ Sherman: It's a hard time to be an MU fan. There's probably room for you on the Baylor bandwagon, though, Randall. I find myself rooting for them. So what are you going to do?

@ John: I don't see how 7 Pac 10 teams can make the tourney either...seems like a stretch. Some West Coast fan will have to speak up and enlighten us. Like you say, I really, really hope the Bears make it in.

@ Nathan: I really hope we can be consistent enough to make it 6 games in a row. I don't know even with that 1 seed.

All you can do is fasten your seatbelt and hope Rush comes to play and the big guys remember how to box out. I feel like anything less than a Final Four would be a let-down. Anything less than an Elite Eight would be a major disappointment.


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