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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the Couch

In the last couple weeks, I've taken the Servants by Design inventory, the Discovery Tools assessment, the DISC Profile Personality Test, the Leadership Traits profile, and an extensive Ministry Profile assessment conducted by my seminary for outgoing students. No, I did not do all this by choice, because, given a choice, I prefer not to be slightly neurotic. It just happened--my classes conspired against me--and now I'm caught in this river of self-knowledge.

I was telling Lindsay, "Life has been kind of surreal lately. I feel like half the time I'm standing outside myself, looking at myself with one raised eyebrow. Me and I feel the same way." Part of the assessment conducted by my seminary involved an interview segment recorded on tape. My interlocutor played a few seconds back, and I had the rare pleasure of hearing my own voice and wondering, "Now who IS that young man? (and what is he hiding?!)"

Part of me wants to just say, "Look, I love basketball, adventure, espresso, books, writing, my family, and Jesus--also, I had a traumatic experience in fourth grade involving a very large water balloon--and I think that explains me sufficiently." Naw, not really. But you know what I'm saying. Or maybe you don't, which might be better.

So...how about them Jayhawks?

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