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Friday, February 22, 2008

I Guess You Would Call This Self-Comforting

Aidan tends to be a little emotionally unhinged right after he wakes up in the morning, and dependent on his favorite foodstuffs to get him going. Can't imagine where he gets this from. This little monologue took place while I was lying on the couch, with Aidan standing over me (weird) six inches away.

Aidan: "Berries! Berries! BERRIES! BERRRIES!..."
[Pauses. Then, as if rehearsing:]
"Don't whine..."
"Don't cry..."
"Just ask."
[Looking me right in the face, with new confidence:]
"Berries, please."

Watching this sequence unfold was enough to snap me out of my catatonic state. I think the pure reasonableness of it was so shocking that it forcefully pummeled the remaining sleep from my body.

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Steve said...

I seem to recall a similar instance, but instead of "berries," it was "read."

And read we did. Though I'm still confused about one of the books. I guess you have to be a kid.

Lauren said...

Wow. That is one impressive child.

Ariel said...

With kids' books, you just have to go with 'em. Sorry that Goodnight Moon was so confusing for you. Haha.

Wow. That is one impressive child.

He has his moments...but, to keep things in perspective, most of his life right now is spent bartering for marshmallows.


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