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Friday, February 08, 2008

Big 12 Represents in NCAA Tournament Forecast

I'm back from the conference, and gently nursing myself through a bout of cold/flu with some help from my new best friend, Benadryll. I haven't been quite up to blogging for a couple days, but I thought I'd break my silence to point out that the first mock NCAA Tournament Bracket features six Big 12 teams. As predicted.

We'll see if the Big 12 gets a whopping 50% of its universities in, but things are looking good right now. Teams who are currently making the cut, with their projected seeds:

Kansas (1) - in the same bracket as #2-seeded North Carolina. I'd love to see that matchup.
Texas (3)
Kansas State (5)
Texas A&M (6)
Oklahoma (6)
Baylor (9)

Not bad at all.

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Will Hicks said...

Thanks for the good story. Look out for the Pac-10's 6 entries.

If the Big-12's six and the Pac-10's six met in a dark alley, I think I'd go with the Pac-10. They're mean.

Ariel said...

Since you mention the Pac-10...due to the "Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood Challenge" this season, I tracked head to head match-ups between the conferences. Check 'em.

KU over Arizona
KU over USC
USC over Oklahoma
Oregon over Kansas State
Kansas State over Cal
Washington State over Baylor
Iowa State over Oregon State
Oklahoma State over Washington
Cal over Missouri
Nebraska over Arizona State
Stanford over Colorado
Texas over UCLA
Arizona over Texas A&M
Stanford over Texas Tech

Tallied up, the games fall 7 and 7. So maybe we'll have to wait until the tourney to see who has the biggest chip on their shoulder. ;)


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