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Thursday, February 21, 2008

NCAA Basketball & Tournament Buzz

I read a lot of articles about basketball, looking for tips on how to dunk when you're white and 5'8", and while I haven't found the answer to that particular question, I do have a bunch of hoops links to share with the eight of you who love this stuff. Who knows, maybe a few more will hop on the bandwagon and be ready to compete in a bracket pool.

Based on a few reader complaints, I'm widening my coverage linkage to embrace teams outside the Big 12 (that's how much I love you guys). Check 'em:

Nebraska beats K-State
The Cornhuskers used an ingenious trick defense to make POY candidate Michael Beasely a non-factor for most of Wednesday's game, earning a signature win and making me smile very widely. "It was the most embarrassing defensive performance of any team I've coached in 23 years, and I've coached 13 year olds," Wildcats coach Frank Martin said. Oh, that's Big 12 news, isn't it?

Worst. Dunk. Ever.
From Dime Mag. And they may be right. Watch it, it'll make you smile.

Coaches Heating Up Duke-North Carolina Rivalry
It's always fun when Hall of Fame coaches trashtalk--in this case, over who has more injured players, and whether injuries are a legit excuse for losing. FOX: Sure, sometimes Tar Heels coach Roy Williams can go overboard when discussing his players' status. There was no need to mention Quentin Thomas battling the flu the other day. Can't wait for the match-up March 8.

College Basketball Power Rankings
The Big 12 has three in the top 25. I'm not playing favorites here, since the rest of you can tally your own conferences. ;)

Less Talented Duke Teams Still Overhyped
SI makes the call and I clap. I wonder what Dick Vitale would say about this.

Prep for the Huge Memphis-Tennessee Game
I hope to catch this #1 vs. #2 game on Saturday. Grant Wahl: How are Memphis and Tennessee similar? Both like to play fast, harassing defense and hope that their depth and conditioning will eventually wear you down.

Breaking Down the Big 12's Tourney Hopefuls
Reasons why or why not the conference's current top 5 teams will make the Big Dance. Banking on my vast bracketology experience, I think all 5 are in. I'd like to see Baylor make the cut too, which would make 6 B12 teams in.

Tracking the Fab Freshman
A scout weighs in on how the nation's top young talents will make it in the League. The big names appear--Eric Gordon, Kevin Love, Michael Beasely, Jerryd Bayless, O.J. Mayo, Derrick Rose--as well as some sleepers. A bunch of conferences are represented here, so we can end the run-down on a happy note.

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John said...

Did that "dunk" even count as a that was bad....

Micah Fries said...


Man I can't stop laughing over that dunk. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I watched it the first time. I'd have probably lost my drink. :-)


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