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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Test of Courage

Aidan got a new remote control car for Christmas. It is orange and lime green with nice angles and has won several Children's Toy awards. It's very safe, very mod looking, very cute.

And Aidan loves it, except when it is actually moving.

Several times a day he comes running up with the car and asks me to turn it on so that he can subsequently run away and hide in a fit of mortal terror.

Aidan, carrying the car and little remote: "Turn on car, Daddy?"
Me: "Are you going to run away screaming like a little girl?"
Aidan, with conviction: "NO."
Me, turning on the car: "OK."
Aidan, running away, screaming: "MommyMommyMommy!"

When he is able to stare the remote controlled car in the headlights and laugh, that's when I'll know he's abandoned babyhood for young-manishness.

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