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Monday, January 21, 2008

Book and Coffee Buzz

I've just received some really good news. Lindsay has agreed to extend her book-reviewing agreement with BitterSweetLife for at least another volume (you wouldn't believe her compensation demands, though!), and Aidan has consented to produce his first ever review. A children's book, appropriately enough. Also, I'll be introducing a very promising new reviewer in the next few days, for now known mysteriously as "Peter."

In related news, a serious post on coffee is in production. Serious as in, after you read it, you'll be able to make seriously better coffee. Just a heads up!

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Steve said...

"...for now known mysteriously as 'Peter.'"


No, wait. Does his last name rhyme with Vanderhorst?

Ariel said...

You speak like someone with insider info. Do you have a paid informant?

No, wait. Does his last name rhyme with Vanderhorst?

No, absolutely not. Well...maybe. It's just possible.

Steve said...

I see. My source will be well compensated.


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