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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Talking Shop: Baby Stats Smack

After I posted several picture of Aidan, Asher got kind of hot under the collar and demanded some representation. And then he fell asleep, which gave me tacit permission to say whatever I want about him. So... I guess I'll leak some vital stats.

As of today, Asher is in the 75th percentile for weight (small forward, like I've said) and also for head size (make that a brainy small forward who talks unbelievable smack)--and he vaulted into these positions after scoring a mere 10th percentile mark when he was born in October! (Which makes him a very competitive, brainy small forward...) I'm not sure what his secret is, although it could be his frequent power naps, sunny disposition, and generally stress-free life. Maybe I will try that.

His height is only in the 50th percentile at this point, so I need to keep stretching his wrists and ankles with rubber bands in his cradle, but still...that's a 40% increase since his birth, not bad. Not bad at all.

I bet my baby has better stats than your baby.

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Donna said...

My baby is 38. However, I imagine her stats are great. She's a good mom and works hard at her job.


Ariel said...

Wow, it's fantastic that you're still tracking stats for your grown baby. I hope my parents read this comment... Plus, your baby has her own kids now, so you could keep track of their stats too. All kinds of fun. :)


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