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Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Music from Great Lake Swimmers, Andy Zipf

Compiling my Top Ten Books of 2007 yesterday was hard work, requiring a carefully controlled environment. I pulled a decent shot of espresso and looked around for some interesting but not overpowering music to help the creative synapses fire.

Enter Andy Zipf and the Great Lake Swimmers.

Patrol Magazine currently has an exclusive, 5-song EP from Andy Zipf, an indie solo act from D.C. Catchy, interesting pop--and it's free. I played Zipf once, before I got stuck on the Great Lake Swimmers (below), but I like that he seems to be doing his own thing, not working hard to become a carbon copy of Coldplay, U2, etc.

Apparently good things come in pairs, because Patrol also offers a 5-track live recording from the Great Lake Swimmers--and it's free too. If you'll allow me a ridiculous comparison, I'd say the Great Lake Swimmers are kind of like Arcade Fire meets Innocence Mission with peacenik lyrics. Melodious, whispery folk...despite less-than-stellar songwriting, I liked what I heard.

I'm not sure how long these downloads will be up, so grab 'em now. They came in handy last night.

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John B. said...

Thanks, Ariel. I'm listening to the 'Swimmers now. I like their sound.

Ariel said...

You're very welcome. Finding new music is a nice rush--likewise sharing it.


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