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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LOST Season Four - Are You Ready?

You knew that the fourth season of LOST kicks off tomorrow night, didn't you? The two-hour season premiere on ABC? And you were planning on tuning in to the best show on network television?

Lindsay and I polished off the third season a couple weeks ago, and have engaged in some minor conspiracy theorizing, so we're good to go.

For fans of LOST, or those just getting up to speed, here are a couple articles to speed you on your way. Remember, if you've missed the show up until now, you can grab a super-quick summary for free off iTunes. Why would you want to jump in now? I can think of a few reasons:

LOST is an expertly plotted, cleverly written, well acted suspense-adventure story with so many interesting hooks that it's a conversation starter at multiple levels. The questions raised are ethical, philosophical, spiritual, and eventually personal--in the sense that the characters take hold and make you care. The creators of LOST are well-versed in philosophy and classic (and pulp) literature, and it shows. The series is influential and memorable for a reason. Alright then...

LOST: Your Preseason Cheat Sheet
Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen highlights some crucial characters and plot points to keep in mind this season. Since LOST is a sprawling, multi-tiered epic without a clearly-defined trajectory or unifying theme (yet), this kind of Hey, remember that important clue? summary is pretty helpful.

Flashback to the Future
This one is by Patrol Magazine's Timothy Zila (see his recent guest post on this blog), who attempts to pick up some of LOST's loose ends and predict where the show is headed...in a big picture sense, of course. Smart analysis all round.

I know there are lots of great LOST sites out there--what are some of your favorites?

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R. Sherman said...

I see Lost as a metaphor for purgatory. Each of the characters has, in some fashion, been confronting the sins of the past and attempting to atone. Of course, that's too easy an explanation and what worked at the Owl Creek Bridge would probably have people throwing snacks at their televisions.


Ryan Imel said...

In the midst of your theorizing, I have one you should check out. Printed it's a hefty 16 pages, but totally worth a read. Trust me, read it through before making a judgment. It's so good, and has such a possibility of being true, that I would go as far as to say it is very nearly a spoiler.


Bernard Shuford said...

Love me some Lost. Looking forward to finding out what the devil Jack has to go back for. If, indeed he ever left. Also need to know what the devil is up with that unknown person in the coffin. And who is "he" for Freckles? Is Dr. Shephard Sr. really alive? What about Mr. Eko's brother? Hmmm.

Will Hicks said...

Ariel, if you'd really like to have your mind blown before the premeire tonight, you need to watch the LOST: Missing Pieces #13, "So it begins". You can find it on darkufo.blogspot.com (Careful. That site has heavy, HEAVY spoilers and "ruiners")

You need to watch it before tonight though, for max effect.

Bernard Shuford said...

Aren't the missing pieces bits on abc.com, too??

Will Hicks said...

Yeah, probably but it's easier to find what you're looking for on the LOST nerd sites than the mothership homepage.

Ariel said...

The purgatory idea kind of makes sense, but I'm pretty sure it was authoritatively debunked at some point...am I right about that?

A few "minor" things I'm wondering about:

The four-toed foot statue.
The circle of gray ash surrounding Jacob's cabin (and Jacob himself, of course).
Yes, that empty coffin.
And, a not-so-minor topic: the monster.

I'm feeling gravitationally drawn toward the nerd sites, but Lindsay would kill me if I went over there without her, so my curiosity will have to wait until she gets home...she's out at Barnes and Noble right now, buying up all the books with LOST in the title. ;)

So I'm wondering... Is it really possible to read a LOST "spoiler?" That would imply some pretty clear knowledge about where the show is headed. Are you telling me that people have actually figured all this stuff out?

Bernard Shuford said...

I think the idea with most of the spoiler stuff is that there are folks who have studied this stuff so much that they catch all the little "weird" stuff that gives things away that normal people might miss. Heck, the writers themselves don't know where it's GOING - how can a real spoiler exist, I agree.

Ryan Imel said...

That missing pieces clip was very interesting. Thanks for the heads up, Will.

Will Hicks said...

Ariel, they established that there is a volcano on the island during Ben's flashback ep last season. During the repeat of last seasons' finale on Wednesday they had a little "pop-up video" thing that said the ash was volcanic. What they haven't established is what it does.

@ Ryan: You're welcome. Did you notice the white shoes?

@ Bernard: There are absolutely spoilers out there. The darkufo site usually has a detailed description of what's going to happen in the next episode posted the morning of the episode.

If you really want to know who the rest of the Oceanic Six are, that info's out there and easy to find. You'll feel dirty afterward though.

Will Hicks said...

Speaking of coffins, after re-watching the finale and last nights premiere, I'll bet you $1.25 that Ben is in the coffin Jack is crying over in the flash-forward.

Bernard Shuford said...

Ben was my thought, too, but I couldn't see why he would leave the island.

Ariel said...

Will, you're a LOST expert.

If you really want to know who the rest of the Oceanic Six are, that info's out there and easy to find. You'll feel dirty afterward though.

Ha. That's why I haven't checked...yet.

For some reason, I also think that Ben is the mysterious dead guy Jack breaks down over. Don't ask me why, though. Intuition?

Will Hicks said...

Yeah, not really. It's just so much better then everything else on the networks.

I think it's Ben for three reasons: Jacks' response of "neither" to the funeral directors "Friend or Family" question, Kates' disgust at Jack asking why she didn't go to the funeral, and Jack's realizing that Ben was right about not contacting "Not Penny's Boat".

If he'd only listened to the dead guy...


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