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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wonderlust by Vicki Kuyper, B (Book Review)

Flash Review: Exotic Locales and Emotional Appeal

In the introduction to Wonderlust, Vicki Kuyper explains that “what was calling out so loudly to my soul was not simply a lust for travel, but a hunger for God, a longing to know the One who is the true Artist and Architect behind the real wonders of the world.”

A little further down the page she writes, “This inward journey [toward God] can often be sparked by an outward journey”—and this is the premise of her book.

Kuyper largely succeeds in what she sets out to do: interweave colorful travelogue stories with spiritual observations. Her writing is in the personal, confessional vein, as she invites her readers to identify with her inner struggles and benefit from her global adventuring--which is extensive.

The book suffers some unimaginative chapter headings ("Journey Toward Self-Acceptance") and the genre is nothing new, but Wonderlust is a solid example of how to look for and find Christ everywhere we go. Recommended (especially for women who would like to travel more).

Is it on the Master Book List? Yes it is.

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