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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Simple Plan: You Pray for Us

I'm far enough into the semester that I'll need to start spitting out crafting polished book reviews left and right in the next couple weeks. I'm not complaining about my independent studies, which I need to do in order to graduate, but I've realized that "independent study" is a euphemism for "reading more books, writing more papers, and doing bigger projects, without supervision, while paying substantially more for it."

On the bright side, I get to choose some of my own reading material. Oh yeah, and I get to graduate.

In the long run this extra exertion will definitely be worth it, but in the short run, my creativity is being sucked out of me. Some days I feel a kind of dark pragmatism creeping in, which means that my imagination has flat-lined, and I have to rapidly drink coffee and play with Aidan in order to get those little peaks showing up on the EKG again.

I'll continue to post photos, quick book reviews and "think about this" blurbs, but I want to continue using this blog for creative output as well. This would be a health indicator, because my spiritual imagination ebbs and flows with my proximity to Christ, and the clarity of my thoughts and feelings about him.

Nothing new here, really. It's the typical challenge of academia: retain your originality, your enthusiasm, your sense of humor, while acquiring discipline, rigor, and a pile of books you would never have read otherwise. I'd be the first to argue that these two elements, spontaneity and education, are not enemies. Youthful aggression needs a sensei. But that doesn't mean they don't act and feel antagonistic sometimes.

Anyway, please pray for me. I know my predicament is hardly original, and there are probably thousands of people in similar circumstances right now. (Although I bet most of them don't have a rambunctious, brainiac 1.5-year-old with number two on the way--oh God, let him be more laid back!) But the fact that you are reading this probably indicates that you should pray for me, right now, instead of worrying about those other guys. So go ahead. Do it!

Have you prayed yet?

You could also pray for Lindsay, Aidan, and boy # 2, who all depend upon my sanity. And the safe arrival of boy # 2, as well as Lindsay's health, as she brings the little man into the world. It gets a little intense toward the end there--especially if he decides to arrive early. The target date is October 9, but you never know whether these tiny rebels will cooperate. If the blog suddenly goes dark for several days, you'll know why.

So then, your assignment, should you choose to accept it: pray for us. In return, we'll do the same for you, if you ask us.

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John said...

I will definitely start putting you in a special place in my prayers. Keep up the good work buddy.

Wayne Stratz said...

peace be with you and your family


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