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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Blog Has a New Hairstyle

On days when I substitute teach, it seems like I don't fully wake up until noon. 15 minutes to go. This is a good reason to write a quick, undemanding post.

I've made some changes around here recently.

One, I added a permanent link to "My Beliefs" in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. This should quell any perplexed theological murmurings.

Two, I updated the Master Book List with additional titles. I've decided to include theology/church planting books, knowing they appeal to a more limited audience, because...well, that's what I'm reading. Not to fear, though, the MBL will continue to be made up primarily of "literature" in the traditional sense.

Three: I'm thinking about updating my profile picture. True, this doesn't really count as an accomplished task, but on a subbing day you should be willing to give me some slack.

As you can see, the changes I've made are not earth-shattering. They're more cosmetic. Thus the "blog hairstyle" shtick.

11:49. I'll wake up in 11 minutes and wonder why I posted this.

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