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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brawling with the Baby

Aidan and I have this game we play where I get down on my hands and knees and roar like a lion (you know, loosely) and say, "I'm gonna get you!" He screams and runs away, or gets down and crawls himself, to make it more fair. I chase him around the apartment, between his mother's knees a few times, finally cornering him for a tickle-wrestle fest.

So last night I gave him the usual I'm gonna get you line, and he turns around and charges toward me, roaring, and gets me with a two-armed headlock. Out of nowhere. It took some aggressive tickling to extricate myself.

In Hebrew, Ariel means "lion of God." In Celtic, Aidan means "fire." Having read The Jungle Book, I'm aware that fire wins out against tigers, but I'm not sure about lions. I'm thinking I'd better keep working out. Whatever the case, no wonder it's crazy around here.

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Steve said...

232 subscribers and no comments? The horror!

Of course, this story is only slightly more entertaining than mine about the toads. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of fatherhood... I love it when our boys show their aggressive side that God lovingly wrote on their little hearts. That makes it all worth it for me to see a tiny glimpse of God.

Ariel said...

One downside of RSS is that people can get married to their feedreaders and rarely click through to the actual site to comment...I speak from experience. Maybe the new breed of feedreaders will find a way to enable commenting from within their own platforms?

I love it when our boys show their aggressive side that God lovingly wrote on their little hearts.

I'm with you. In Aidan's case, you don't have to look very hard to find that aggressive side...which is a good sign with regard to his future hoops career. ;)

Steve said...

That's true about the feeds, AJ. I suppose I comment less now, not that I ever did a lot anyway.

What I find annoying is the people who use excerpts in their feeds, but don't even provide enough content to get you hooked. If you don't provide a hook in your RSS feed, why should I even visit the site. More than likely, though, these are people with ads on their sites. Two big sites that come to mind are HotAir and Michelle Malkin.

I'm ad free, and don't really have any plans to add them. Some sites are overloaded with them.

I suppose it would be possible to add commenting support through the RSS feeds. Some additional tags could support it, and it could probably be Ajaxified.


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