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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hot Links: Severe Mercy Movie, Jayhawks, Hipsters

Update: I just found another link I have to include! Here's a great article about one of my favorite bands, The Weakerthans. If you don't enjoy armchair philosophy you can skip Part I. But don't miss the commentary on "Our Retired Explorer."


I used to be in the habit of posting links to stand-out content, and I'm making a push to get back into it. So here's the 9.21.07 edition.


First off, there's now a website up for the upcoming screen adaption of A Severe Mercy. If you haven't yet read the book, do so now. The novel is a beautiful, heady love story that wrestles with profound spiritual questions. It's also deeply moving--and C.S. Lewis, the actual, historical man--is a central character. I have high expectations for this film.


Next, here's a good rundown on the hoops studs that the Jayhawks are currently recruiting. With 5-9 scholarships to fill next season, it's hard to say how things will shake out, but I expect to see some of these guys on campus before too long.


Finally, if you have the energy for this kind of thing, go read about Types of Hipsters and try to sort yourself into the appropriate categories. (e.g., 30% Health Nut, 10% Detached Ironic, 10% Artist, 30% Newbie, 20% Natural) With a little imagination you can have all kinds of fun.

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