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Monday, September 10, 2007

Age Has Its Benefits

Well folks, it's finally happened. And after all these years. I've aged.

So as to avoid being overly precious, I'll admit that I've been aging for my entire life. It's just that until this semester of my substitute teaching career, the dividends have been less obvious. But now there is no questioning the fact that I've started to experience the benefits of some aging. Check this out:

This semester, no high school students have asked me whether I "go here" (to which I would typically reply, "I'm making some extra money on my lunch break") or if I'm a junior or senior.

No teachers have stopped me in the hall and asked me where I'm going. ("Actually, I was headed to the teachers' lounge.")

No security officers have asked me why I am trying to get into the school building before the bell sounds. ("Because I have to be in the classroom when the kids get there. Not the other kids, the kids.")

Also, a couple teachers have offered me coffee, as opposed to checking my ID, and not only do the high school kids really look more like kids, they also pay more attention to me. No one has offered to fight me after school or questioned my right to sit in the soft chair.

There's no doubt that aging is bittersweet, and ultimately a corruption of God's intended plan, but I'm willing to allow that there are accompanying benefits. At least when I'm not on the basketball court.

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Dustin said...

I'm interested in your comment regarding aging not being "God's intended plan." If you read the biblical text, Adam and Eve were given the opportunity to eat from the tree of life and live forever--hence God's words regarding keeping them from doing so after the Fall.

Thus, they had to choose to eat from the tree of life. Is it possible that Adam and Even, minus the Fall, would have been able to age and die even within the presence of God? That might make an interesting post.


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