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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good News on the Car-Jacking Front

Remember when unknown thugs stole our family car, cleaned it out, vandalized it and abandoned it a few weeks ago? Well, with our insurance money and the assistance of Lindsay's parents, we have a very serviceable new (to us) Corolla, which should run well and save us gas $$ for years to come.

We're also looking to replace stolen shoes and baby gear, and several friends--both blog friends and local friends--have offered their help. While this is humbling, it's also very encouraging. The abrupt seizure of personal property has a strange distancing effect on the world/people you live with and think you understand--you feel angry and life feels surreal--so it was a gift of God to know that we had friends who were concerned for us, even to the point of donating their hard-earned treasure.


Also, I found a set of car keys in the parking lot. They were promisingly heavy. When I clicked the unlock button, the lights on a large, red hummer flashed. Score! This monster, which I carefully cached in a nearby warehouse, has got to be worth a couple grand. So things are looking up even more in the financial front. Anyone know a good local fence?

Rather than driving the hummer around and wrecking it across town, I'm going to cash in. No one can say I didn't learn anything from our experience...

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Amanda said...

Wait, I'm confused. You really found keys to a hummer...and you are going to do WHAT with it?

R. Sherman said...

I see my long-delayed post on Three Seconds is sorely needed.

As for the baby stuff, I wanted to send more Tiger gear, but I figured it would be desecrated like the last set.


Seriously, sorry about the excessive delay on the book review. I wrote it over weeks and wasn't happy with it until today.


Ariel said...

When I found the keys to the Hummer I figured, Well, I had a piece of good luck coming.

Actually, the Hummer bit was just to see if you were listening. Alternatively, you could consider it a fragment of a magical reality type short story... ;)

Sherman, finally! Now, quick: Which NCAA team will you root for in the tourney this year? (3...2...1...)


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