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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go to School. Blog. Get Cash. It's That Simple.

Or it could be, if you are the lucky winner. Do you blog? Attend college? Then why not take a shot at $10,000 for school-related expenses?

If you're not a penniless student, you could take five minutes and nominate a friend's blog. Maybe a blog that combines hoops, theology, and random baby photos with completely true stories and eclectic book reviews. Maybe a blog with "bitter" and "sweet" cleverly juxtaposed in the title... ;)

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John B. said...

. . . completely true stories . . .

Oh dear. Time for a little stroll through the Bittersweet Life archives:

Also, I found a set of car keys in the parking lot. They were promisingly heavy. When I clicked the unlock button, the lights on a large, red hummer [sic] flashed. Score! This monster, which I carefully cached in a nearby warehouse, has got to be worth a couple grand. So things are looking up even more in the financial front. Anyone know a good local fence?

It strikes me, in rereading the above, that once you sell that bad boy, you'll have considerably less need of that scholarship.

Anyway. Good luck with all that.

Ariel said...

I was tacitly daring someone to call me out on that. On that particular incident, in fact. Precisely that paragraph. But everything else I've ever posted here is completely true, all of it!

Heh heh.


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