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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How Soon We Forget

I was checking some places to submit writing to, and just culled this from the "write for us" page of a prominent Christian magazine.

If you don't have journalism experience, please don't waste our time.

Since I have some journalistic experience, apparently I'm not one of the untalented losers who would get turned away at the door. (Note: I know plenty of excellent writers without journalistic experience and plenty of lousy journalists, given that I managed a college staff of 22.) So I think that criterion is not only arrogant-sounding but stupid. At the very least, if you want to limit prospective writers to journalists, find a professional way to say it.

The blurb is also kind of ironic, given that this particular mag is only a couple years old and got out of the gates with a completely unproven staff.

But stuff like this doesn't annoy me, not at all.

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Dan said...

That doesn't seem Relevant at all.

Alex said...

You could also write them a lovely little letter or note giving them your thoughts on this lack of graciousness and love...

I'm sure they'd love to know there popular in the blogsphere...

Dustin said...

Oh how quickly do the underlings and the ragtags become the domineering and proud.


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