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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Searching for Good Espresso

Wanted: A Coffee Shop in North Kansas City

When we lived downtown--I mean, right downtown, in the middle of the hub of Kansas City, inside the greasy little center from which all the road-spokes radiate outward--I was always baffled by how there were no decent local coffee shops around.

True, there was a little bakery/cafe place down the block, but it catered to lunch crowds and closed at two in the afternoon. Also, there was a place in the River Market, about a mile away, but it was subject to strange schedules based on the ebb and flow of Market shoppers. After five years, a Pete's Coffee Shop opened up downtown. It had real coffee shop hours and good coffee and I went there half a dozen times in the three or four months before we moved. Just my luck.

Now we're in North Kansas City, a semi-metropolitan residential zone just outside the urban core (such as it is). We're about eight minutes north of our previous loft. Just outside our building is a street lined with local restaurants, a family-owned hardware store, a couple bakeries, and, you guessed it, no coffee shops.

What is with North Kansas City?

This morning I gave in and drove fifteen minutes to Westport, and the Broadway Cafe, for a real mocha and an atmosphere that wasn't reminiscent of the Price Chopper Starbucks where I'm forced to take my coffee breaks between classes. Seriously, if I had the capital, I'd open a coffee shop here in NKC. But since I'm generally scrounging for the capital to buy a cup of coffee, that dream will have to wait...

If I'm missing something here, someone please tip me off. This is getting ridiculous.

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Dan said...

"The 'Buck" isn't that bad... but I feel your pain. Ouch.

looking_up said...

There is a really good coffee shop on the corner of vivion and brighton called The Friendly Bean. It's right by a car dealership. If you go to Midwestern could just go all the way down Vivion, and while not as close as price chopper, the quality is definitely better, it's cozier, and the people are friendlier. It's actually owned by a former youth pastor, and the staff are people from his church.

Ariel said...

There is a really good coffee shop on the corner of vivion and brighton called The Friendly Bean.

WOAH! This has every indication of being a real, legit, solid-gold tip. If substantiated, it will make my time on/near campus much more...inspired. Wow.

Looking_up, if I make your acquaintance, I'll absolutely buy you one.

littlepeace said...

The Broadway Cafe makes me want to be a barista when I grow up.

looking_up said...

Yeah. my sister was a Starbucks addict until I took her to The Bean. She had to succumb and admit The Bean was superior.

One of the perks is that after you buy eight drinks, you get one of any size free. They have a similar deal with beans. You can buy 10 and get a bag free. Make sure and ask for a card, though.

That's nice of you, but you really don't have to buy me anything. Your posts have been very encouraging and interesting, so sharing a little tip is the least I can do! I just hope you find good coffe there.

Ariel said...

I hit up the Friendly Bean this morning between my classes. Nice. Good atmosphere, good coffee. To top off the discovery: someone had left behind a coffee card with three punches on it and when the owner learned it was my first time there, he gave it to me. Thanks for the great tip! I'll definitely be back.

Littlepeace, I agree about the baristas at the Broadway Cafe--their artistic expression via espresso is unparalleled.


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