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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paging Darrin Patrick & The Journey

I debated long and hard about whether or not to use my blog in a somewhat utilitarian, pragmatic, self-serving way...

I shouldn't do it.
But it's your blog.
True, but with great power comes great responsibility.
Thank you, Spiderman. Let's get real here.
But I have a duty to my readers.
As if you ever blog about anything other than what you want to.
Well... you have a point there.

I caved in. I'm writing this post because I want Darrin Patrick or a co-pastor from The Journey to get in touch with me, ideally at my email address, arielj.van [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com. I'm not a total narcissist, though. There are reasons! Such as:

When Darrin Patrick was in Westport, speaking at Mark DeVine's church, Lindsay and I talked with him briefly. Darrin encouraged me to get in touch with via email and arrange to visit The Journey and learn more about Acts 29--something I was far, far from reluctant to do. OK, let's be honest. I emailed within 48 hours. Unfortunately, both the email addresses I got have been bouncing like basketballs on helium.

I want to follow up with The Journey and Acts 29, but short of driving to St. Louis, I don't have any avenues... So if someone reads this who has access to Patrick or Jonathan McIntosh, a co-pastor, please tip 'em off. An urban seminary student interested in church planting is trying to get in touch.

All right, this somewhat utilitarian, pragmatic, self-serving post is now over. ;)

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Will Robison said...

But the post asking about a good coffee shop in North Kansas City wasn't self-serving? ;)

Ariel said...

Busted. But you have to admit that post had some redeeming narrative qualities. ;)

Oneway the Herald said...

Since you were too lazy to scour The Journey's webpage for a contact email address, I hit you with the info via email. Man, I am a great servant.

Ariel said...

Since you were too lazy to scour The Journey's webpage for a contact email address...

I tried that! If you were to underestimate me like this on the basketball court, the results would be much more spectacular.

I'm wondering if their site is having server issues.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you have to beg like this, you don't and won't ever plant with Acts 29 Network. They don't like pansies like you are portraying yourself to be.

Grow a pair and contact them or Acts 29 directly.

But it sounds like you are a better fit with the emergent boys/girls.

R. Sherman said...

I've been busy.

If you come to StL to visit, you can crash here.

Let me know.

Ariel said...

Dude, if you have to beg like this, you don't and won't ever plant with Acts 29 Network...

If I wanted to contact Acts 29, I would. Reread the title of this post.

As the manly, go-for-the-jugular type of guy you clearly are, you might want to ask yourself where the anonymous comments come in.

Ariel said...

Hey, thanks for the offer, Randall. It could happen--in which case, it would be great to meet the famous Sherman household.

Steve said...

Just emailed you, dude. Contact me.

Ariel said...

Just a quick update. I'm continuing to get notes every now and then about this post, so before you email me...

This "contact The Journey" project is batting 00.00%. Various helpful people have given me a half dozen email addresses to work with, but notes have either bounced or gone unanswered.

An insider has informed me that this is probably because most of The Journey's pastors are MU fans and look down on my Jayhawk loyalties. Whatever.

Anyway, I have all the email addresses I need... At this point, "help" would mean cajoling or paying off somebody to reply to one of my emails.



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