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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chaos in the Little Theater

Another Entry in the Annals of Subbing

As always, I greeted the evil tidings with a cheerful smile. Cover an extra class, after I had already completed my day's work? (technically, the day's work of the teacher for whom I subbing) Sure, no problem, happy to do it. The lesson plans didn't look very promising, though.

[my paraphrase]

I have been sick for a week, but we have a big production coming up, so have the students go through a rehearsal with improvised blocking and without their scripts.

While I am convinced that miracles happen, and that grace is an active force in my own life, I'm not a big believer in random, inexplicable magic swooping down to take over a high school theater class and transform it into a room of concerned, attentive actors who give a shtick. So I wasn't exactly holding my breath.

The class took the news calmly--which they should have, seeing as they didn't intend to do anything about it. A walk-through rehearsal without scripts and with improvised blocking for next week's production? Sure.

Sure, as in that dismissive, half-amused tone that Aidan uses when we ask him to pick up his ball collection. After delivering the ultimatum clearly, I considered my options. Really, there was only one. In the next hour and a half, I made considerable progress in What I Think I Did, pausing to send a handful of good students to the library.

At times I debate, inwardly, about whether I'm being paid too much or too little to do this.

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