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Friday, April 13, 2007

Adventures in Facebook

This blog now appears on Facebook. Or I do, anyway--as the blog's representative. I've got to say the coolest feature so far (other than being able to send your friends "gifts," like a mug of Irish ale on Saint Patrick's day) is the Home screen. It's cool to see a snapshot of interrelated lives, all functioning in separate spheres while simultaneously overlapping.

The "groups" are fascinating, too. I recently realized that coolness in Facebook is partly a function of how many groups you are a part of. And if the groups have creative, esoteric names, all the better. (Currently, I am not very cool.) Yesterday I found a group called Calvinism: The Group That Chooses You. I almost joined; then, at the last second, I pulled away and became a member of Admirers of C.S. Lewis instead. So apparently the Calvinism group did not choose me on this go-round--but you have to admire the title.

Something else I've noticed is that some people collect "friends" on Facebook like they're stockpiling for an upcoming shortage. Anyone who claims to have over 500 friends is a little suspect, in my (Face)book. I'm saying this to let you know that only the first 500 of you readers will be allowed to hang with me in Facebook. 500 friends? A little shady, but OK. Still, you have to draw a line somewhere.

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Widsith said...

I'm surprised the media's hype about MySpace hasn't extended to Facebook as well... It occurred to me again after hearing another dire warning on a local Christian tv show this morning, warning parents of the dangers of MySpace.

Anyway, I joined FB after my brother announced it as the only place he would post his blog entries from now on. I had no choice. But since then it has reintroduced me to many old friends with whom I had lost touch, and for that I'm grateful. It seems tragic and counterproductive, though, to meet friends at Facebook only to fall out of contact again. No matter how easy the WWW makes it to stay in touch - staying in touch still takes initiative and will!

Will Robison said...

Did someone mention my name again?


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