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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Morning Interlude

Aidan is very punctual about his chores, which consist mostly of waking us up in the morning so we can save money and not plug in our alarm clock. He typically wakes us at 7:00, unless he feels especially diligent, and starts his chore(s) earlier, sometimes as early as 6:00. In return, we give him room and board and our continued amazement at how well he has mastered this task.

This morning, after Aidan finished his chores, we drove to the River Market to meet a couple friends for breakfast at a place called Succotash. The food, served in random plastic and ceramic dishes, was excellent and we had a great time talking in the sun. The coffee was good too--strong and dark. Something interesting: my plastic mug of coffee arrived with a ring of grime around the top lip. I wiped off the dirt with my napkin, not overly deterred. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the place, right on the edge of the City Market. There were tables of egg plants, peppers and avocados, a couple guys putting on a magic show, and a constant stream of foot traffic, all this within fifteen feet of our outdoor table. Wiping dirt off the exterior of the coffee mug somehow seemed a fitting, earthy ritual.

Would it be cool to find dirt on your mug in a coffee shop? Absolutely not. Which just goes to show you, atmosphere can go a long way, as long as you can carry it off.

[The camera batteries are dead, otherwise there would be pictures.]

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John B. said...

Very nice.

Maybe you could start a "Stretch of Market" posts. Seriously. I liked the atmospherics of this.

looking_up said...

Hopefully you don't get some earthy, atmospheric lip fungus...

Ariel said...

John, I can only aspire to a series as magesterial as your Stretch of River posts. Thanks for the nod. I'll see if I can generate some more posts along these lines.

No fungus yet. My chances of emerging from this completely healthy look pretty good. :)


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