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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Computer Returns to Semblance of Life

About a week ago, my computer initiated a hidden program called MS Hari-Kari and ripped open its partitioned hard drive with a sharp-edged system error, erasing all data. Both C and D were transformed into tabula rasas. This explains why I haven't been posting much for the last several days.

While feeling sympathy for the rare pathology that has taken over Gracie's (our PC's) previously healthy microchip, it's only with great moral striving that I've restrained myself from beating on her CPU with my fists. A lobotomy is not a remedy for suicide, I keep reminding myself.

It's just too bad that all this had to go down when it did. There were more posts on the way. They would have been very profound and they would probably have changed your life. Instead, I was reinstalling iTunes and Firefox wondering how many pictures of Aidan had been vaporized.

I have my plans and God has his and he's not waiting on anyone to transform the blogosphere, let alone the world. I like it a lot, but blogging is incidental to God's plan for world domination. I'm saying this to let you know that I'm trying to get back online, but, if wisdom prevails, I won't be treating it like a national emergency.

After all, I live in Missouri. This is more on a state level.

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Michael said...

No doubt at least one of those posts would have changed *my* life. Guess I'll have to just stay me for now.

At least it's not Texas sized. :)

Jamie said...

Ah, I was wondering where you'd gone...

Best wishes for Gracie's soon recovery!


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