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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Tip...or Not to Tip?

Thabiti is offering a courageous alternative to the "tip generously" approach that is supposedly the fall-back plan of all socially responsible Christians. An excerpt:

The current system of tipping is built, in part, on an ethic of shame and guilt. People who do not tip “generously” are in danger of the wagging finger, disapproving look, and apparently of religious profiling and scuttle-butt in the Applebee’s kitchen. It’s interesting to me that we think the name of Christ is brought into disrepute because of tipping. Isn’t the Christian the counter-cultural agent in society? Isn’t the Christian the bearer of news even when they don’t have tip money?

Apparently he's taking some flack for it...but I think Thabiti makes some good points. Three cheers for a more nuanced look at the "Christians & Tipping" question.

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