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Friday, September 16, 2005

Slow-Motion Tag

If posted alone, this shot might be tagged: "Beauty" "Photos"

For the last month or so I’ve been slowly adding tag functionality to my blog using The process has been slow, especially as I’ve had to go back and doggedly tag my archives—and I’m not done.

However, I’ve tagged enough posts to identify the categories I think will work to index this blog. Only time will tell, but I’m hoping my initial labels will have some staying power.

Since I’m fairly emotionally invested in my current tags, I went ahead and legitimized them with a “My Categories” menu in the sidebar. Feel free to explore...

Some of them will need to be explained
and soon they will be.

If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, let me recap:

  1. From here on out, each new post will be filed in one or more categories (“tagged”). As time allows, I’ll also go back and tag the archives.

  2. This will make BitterSweetLife uber-accessible; you’ll be able to pull up all posts pertaining to “Heaven” or “BitterSweetness” by clicking that tag. Effortlessly, you can read all my “Poetry” at once (not necessarily advised) or hit up “Lindsay” guest posts.

  3. Using the “tag this” or “[t]” link, you can tag and save posts to your own account (free).

  4. This blog is becoming fluidly navigable.

For more details, read my original explanation, Dreams. I should add that you can “cross-search” my tags. Say you want “Poetry” pertaining to “Heaven” or “Stories” about my angst-filled “Academics” life. No problem. You need to investigate…

And now I can chalk up another post in my slim “Tech” category. This feels good.

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Julie said...

That's awesome! I have never heard of this kind of feature. I'm sure it's been tedious. But, it will be well worth it! :)



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