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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One Sick Life

What to do when you have a bad cold? The choice is a hard one. At first you sit there. You feel sick. You think about how to get warm and stay that way. Bed is high on the list.

After some time goes by, you do not have the heart to lie there the whole day. So you get up. You walk here and there. You feel sad. But you have to make a choice. You have to do a thing or you will start to feel mad. Sad and mad.

You slouch down on the couch and read. Not what you want to read but what you have to. For school. This way at least you do not waste your sick life. You read one book, then two. Then three. At last you have read all six. The profs will be glad. There is no more to read for school. Now what can you do?

You feel sick. But this is not an act. You groan and slump down in front of the screen. You look in a school book and turn pages. You push your hands at the keys. You start to write for school. It will not be good but it will be done.

It takes hours. You are not as smart as you are. The words have no verve.

At last you finish. Now you must make a new choice. What next? You go to the fridge. Open it. Close it. Open. Close. Food, who needs it? You get a drink from the sink. Better than food.

And now? Who knows.

When you are sick you may as well write a “To do” list.


Does this post seem strange? Not quite like me? It may make more sense if you read this.

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Erin said...

what a perfect subject for the challenge - being sck makes me incapable of more than one syllable at a time!

Belinda said...

Well, I might have lodged a protest at the use of the abbreviations "prof" and "'fridge", but since you winked at me, I wink back!

And I think that, "You are not as smart as you are." is one of the best sentiments I've read in a long time!

gymbrall said...

-2 points for between and after. Also, I agree with Belinda about the phrase You are not as smart as you are. Nice.

littlepeace said...

Also, about is two syllables, if taken mis I am not. :)

Ariel said...

Argh. Those two-syllable words are insidious. I mean...

Those words with two sounds sneak in.

Anonymous said...

Well, if this means you're sick, I hope you feel better soon!


Andrew Simone said...

To be fair, Ariel, two syllable words are like mother-in-laws: mostly insidious but occiasionally delightful.

Ariel said...

"...two syllable words are like mother-in-laws: mostly insidious but occiasionally delightful."

And with that, the discussion lurched into an realm where few would dare to follow. Nevertheless, one brave soul ventured to say...

You may be right.

Andrew Simone said...

I have the ability to make such claims being unfettered by marriage.
Your post, therefore, manifests a greater boldness than I.

Ariel said...

Well, you have to keep in mind the ambiguity of my statement. As it turns out, I was highly fortunate in my selection of a mother-in-law.


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