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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Some Roads Lead to Heaven

One could get the impression from our culture that any method of seeking God is fine, so long as—well, so long as you are ostensibly seeking God. So dozing on the couch or swapping drinks with attractive strangers are legit avenues to communing with the deity. Other time-honored favorites—climbing a mountain, smelling a rose, looking in a little child’s eyes—are also acceptable. Anything, in fact, is ok, so long as it makes you feel “alive” or “spiritual.”

In reality, one seeks God with an earnest heart and an active mind: a heart that gives itself to repentant prayer; a mind that is not unaware of crucial distinctions. Social experimentation is not repentance. Languorous warmth is not prayer.

By the grace of Christ, a couch may become a cathedral. But discipleship begins with humility and the Bible, not with a nap. If God is really God, then no one slouches into his kingdom on their own terms.

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