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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Missing Person

All day Saturday, something was not exactly right. As if I was missing a piece, but not an essential one. Whatever I’d lost, it was located on my periphery; it affected comfort more squarely than function. I was a vehicle that had thrown a belt or lost a plug. I was functioning, but not at full speed, not on all cylinders.

In the initial analysis, I blamed it on my cold. Headaches, sinus issues, the works—one of my students Friday had probably tagged me. But this did not explain everything, not by half. In hindsight, the real diagnosis should have been more obvious.

Friday night, Lindsay and I’d had a bunch of friends over. One of them had approached our coffeepot, mug in hand, and picked it up—only to find it depleted. The pot was replaced with resigned wistfulness. Naturally, I was deeply moved by the domestic tragedy. On Saturday, the memory returned to me several times.

Question is, How could I have been so blind to its deeper meaning?

This morning, as I downed several cups of coffee, I felt the empty places between my nerve endings filling in. Synapses began firing with their usual efficiency. The coffee slid down my throat like molten steel and propped up my limp frame. All round, I felt more like my usual self. Healthier. A better person. Holistically more prepared for life.

Foregoing one’s Saturday coffee is a dangerous plan.

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Jess :) said...

A dangerous plan in the short term perhaps. But maybe better for overall health in the long run?

Ryan said...

On my fridge, just to the left of the Pura Vida beans:

"The powers of a man's mind are directly proportionate to the quantity of coffee he drinks."
-Sir James MacKintosh

Health, schmealth. If one if going to have a vice, it is a delicious one, and harmless compared to so many other things.

James said...

With all the phenomenal anti-oxidants that are being found in coffee and the laborious schedules we lead, coffee is not only an asset and a need, but, with the right beans, it is pure and beautiful. Ah, coffee brings out the poet in just about anyone.....

for it is the bean that I have seen, whence it came to sight, no longer was there a fright....swirlng masses of steam perfumed the air, as my nostrils drew in the fragrance, so fair.....

'twas the morning, praise God, and a new day was nigh, coffee in hand, knees bent in prayer....hail the matchless king and thanks and praise to HIM for the beautiful bean!

Ariel said...

Excellent. It always makes my day when someone responds to a post with rhyming verse. I've been known to use coffee in poetry myself.

"Health, schmealth."
A brave and decisive stance, bravo! (The MacKintosh quote has appeared on this blog.)


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