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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Great iPod Quest

So I came across this free iPod offer. And, in contrast to most internet marketing schemes, this one seems exploitable. The system can be beaten. The company can be coerced into actually sending you the shiny iPod they display. And this is one of those cases where the freedom to do a thing mandates that it be attempted.

How? You sign up for one offer to qualify yourself, and convince five of your friends to sign up. They complete an offer (to qualify you), then refer five of their friends to earn their own iPods. End of story.

What makes the system beatable is that the offers aren't the typical sign-your-life-away deals (i.e. pay for a year of over-priced cable, commit to a vacation package, buy this 18-step Rags to Riches video series). Rather, you can apply for a credit card, get "free" DVDs from Columbia house, etc. In other words, little to no cash outlay is required.

I can't bring myself to the point of emailing my friends about this undertaking, but I am writing this post. Somehow it makes me feel less morally culpable. After all, you can scroll past this as the shameless pitch it is...or you can launch your own quest for a free iPod.

And, well yeah, help me get mine.

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Ariel said...

If you decide to take a swing at this, you may as well let me know. That way I can express appropriate gratitude...and calculate how close I am to said goal.

Materialism is an awful thing, isn't it?

Andy said...

As Chesterton says, "Materialists and madmen never have doubts."

Therefore, as you have doubts about the ability to locate 5 friends, acquaintances, or E-friends to assist, you're not a materialist. And your quest for the free iPod is not a materialistic quest.

But what do I know?

Ariel said...

Beautiful. Thanks Andy, this is what you call an application of theology to everyday life. I instantaneously felt better. My heart tells me your diagnosis is right on. ;)

And somehow you forecasted the topic of my next post. Remarkable. Unless Lindsay has been blogging about the contents of my Post-it Notes...


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