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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Game of Chesterton

Beyond the Book Review

Ever since I slammed up a quick post about Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton, I’ve been seeing the man wherever I turn. When he was alive, he weighed over 300 pounds, so one could say that for those who’ve read him, his visibility is undiminished.

I know that I was decidedly influenced by the book, in ways that will be embodied in my writing and thinking (and thus, living) for years. Therefore I get pumped when I notice others who are similarly haunted—or at least moving in that direction.

Recently, Tim made some comments about G.K. Chesterton on his blog. And Andy has launched an ambitious blow-by-blow account of his adventures in Orthodoxy. Likewise, the hipster Vocabulary Reclamation Project employed G.K.’s words in its recent Chesterton Challenge.

I’m beginning to suspect there are others who may be in on this game, and if you’re reading this, I invite you to step out of the shadows. Now’s the moment to add your take to the conversation on this luminous, laughing thinker.

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tim said...

Chesterton sure was/is weighty--and if his visibility (to the enlightened) remains undimished, his weightiness remains unchanged too--perhaps he's even added pounds.

But it's not fluff.

Joe said...

I, too, love the Fat Man. And today I wrote about your one-word-post challenge that was inspired by Orthodoxy.

Joe @ Chesterton & Friends

mikeofearthsea said...

x-ian evangelical orthodoxy rules. i, myself, am glad that i happen to be attending a church in a denomination that has about 40 articles of belief, but only focuses on the orthodox. it let's me (and folks) know where they (and i) am comming from without being exclusive (if you don't hold to point 957.b.2 you're "out...") For a denomination that excels in grace as much as inperfection and being a denomination that seeks to be inter-denominational as opposed to blurring over the good aspects of denominations i find it a refreshing atmosphere of god's perfection in this part of his imperfect church. but i ramble...

Ariel said...

It's been great to watch the G.K. aficionados trickle in. If any more of you come by, don't be shy.

Joe's Chestertonian blog is definitely worth a look.

I think that the "orthodox" core of faith in Christ, the "Mere Christianity" aspect of belief, ought to receive the lion's share of our attention.


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