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Monday, December 10, 2007

Tim Challies on Blogging

Tim Challies has a helpful post up about starting and sustaining a good blog. He makes some good points (and I also think his post compliments one I wrote a few weeks ago about how to avoid blogger burnout). Here's an excerpt from Tim:

For people who are considering beginning a blog, I think the best place to begin is with your motives. It is worth asking yourself, I believe, why you wish to blog. And more so, it is worth considering why you want to have other people read your blog. I receive lots of questions from prospective bloggers and can often detect an underlying attitude that seems to say, “I have something to say that the world needs to hear.”

If I understand him correctly, Challies is saying here that wanting to take over the world is not a solid reason for starting a blog? Darnit, I knew I was doing something wrong! But take a look at the article, especially if you're a new or aspiring blogger. Good advice from a seasoned writer.

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