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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Little Cool Love

Google has spoken, giving this blog some long-awaited credit for being an oasis of cool in a tool world. Looking for a modern definition of cool? Look no further. You are here, you are part of it, you are contributing to this bloggy pool of icy, snow-chilled coolness.

In related news, Google didn't show the same precision with this one...actually, Google was almost an abject failure here (you can blame a previous post title if you want, but Google is supposed to be omniscient, no?) In reality, I think that if you searched for "creating chaos out of order," BitterSweetLife should be in the top ten. And if you added "Aidan" as a search term, we would show up at #1.

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Alex said...

I dunno Arie, 9 out of 600,000 something thousand isn't bad.


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