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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dan Haseltine Wants to Emulate C.S. Lewis

The Jars of Clay frontman has recently written a children's book, and comments:

If Jars of Clay decides to start touring less, I would love to make [writing for children] a bigger part of my work, because I want to stretch the imagination of kids. Apart from C. S. Lewis, there's a bent toward realism in children's literature in the Christian community. I feel like that does a disservice to kids, because they don't have the capacity to begin to understand a kingdom of God that is so wild and imaginative and creative if they're not given that opportunity in the books that they read.

I agree with Haseltine's assessment of children's books--they should be imaginative adventures!--and I also happen to know he's a pretty good writer. I've read some of his stuff in Relevant magazine, and so I can dispense with the skepticism I usually feel when a famous artist tries to cross genres. All right Dan, you have my ear...

Read Haseltine's whole interview in CT. He also talks about the Jars' Christmas album and their new "indie" status (high time, by the way).

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John said...

All I know is I LOVE Haseltine's lyrics.

"we play our heart's lament like an unrehearsed symphony..."


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