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Friday, December 28, 2007

Back from Christmas

Here at the urban Vanderhorst crash pad, we've rebounded slowly from Christmas festivities. We spent Christmas day in three locations, starting at home, visiting Lindsay's parents in the afternoon, and rounding out the day at my parents' place. It was a long, fun day, and we ended up stuffed with turkey, ham and chocolate--and very tired.

Since then, we've spent some more time with family, and slowly put our home back together after Hurricane Aidan rolled through Christmas morning. Gifts have gradually been stacked and cataloged and the initial results look very promising. A few highlights: New music from The Weakerthans and Iron and Wine, a commentary on Philippians, and all three volumes of C.S. Lewis' letters. (Kind of like having source notes for the New Testament papyri...kind of.)

As I casually mentioned before Christmas, I have a bunch of posts on tap, but I'm struggling to get to them because of 1) the above paragraph, 2) a message I'm preaching at church this Sunday, 3) some independent study work that's still due, thanks to a gracious course extension from my professor, and, 4) a promising new sports blog that I've signed on with but have so far ignored.

Some of you may also be aware that I started an application to Acts 29 (church planting network) a couple months ago--and that stopped cold when Asher got here--but restarting it is also a priority.

Now you know a little about the craziness around here. BitterSweetLife will be back on track soon, but I'm not rushing back...and I'm trying to ration my time out deliberately instead of blogging compulsively. (I recommend trying this.) As much as I love blogging, the time away has been strangely therapeutic...

More soon. I'm out like a disposable diaper.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about your application to A29. Are you planning to go to one of the upcoming boot camps? I'll be assessing at the Seattle one in Feb.

Ariel & Lindsay said...

We've talked about trying to get to one of the boot camps coming up, although it may be hard to pull off during my semester. I also need to make some more progress on my application, I think, before I've reached the boot camp phase... would be cool to make it out to Seattle, though.

Anonymous said...

let me know if you do decide to come out, so I know to keep an eye out for you.

Ariel said...

Thanks, Pete - I'll definitely do that.


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