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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He's a Right Sporting Baby

Aidan has revealed a fine sense of sportsmanship in recent days. He seems keenly aware of the disadvantage that Lindsay and I are at in various games we play, games like The Invisible Baby and Boo! Goes the Baby. A few minutes ago...

Aidan: Daddy, hiding 'hind chair!
Me: You're behind the chair, huh. OK, hmmm... Now where could that boy be hiding?
Aidan [sticking his head out]: Boo!

I think he is aware of the constant state of terror and confusion that Lindsay and I live in, due to his gaming skills, and is doing what he can to help. Admirable in a one-year-old.

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Tim Sheets said...

Hello! Just looking at reviews for Organic Community and stumbled across your blog.

Would be curious to hear your take on his view of the Trinity. The dance of three verbs, as he called it. I found that particular section to be a little fuzzy. Was he advocating that we just do away with the three unique persons of the trinity? His definition of a person as a verb was someone who is always changing. Does that apply to God too?

Just curious since you read it.

T <><

Ariel said...

Hey Tim, good question. I'm going to append your comment to the Organic Community post and answer it there.


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