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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monetizing BitterSweetLife

Some of you may have noticed the text ads that have been showing up on the blog in the last several days. I've been wondering how to recoup some of the operating costs of running this blog, since sitting down at the keyboard and opening up that vein gets expensive. Seriously. We constantly have to buy Spiderman band-aids for daily use and the occasional IV for when I fall asleep on the blog.

I don't know that BitterSweetLife will ever be a professional, money-raking uber blog, but I wouldn't mind making enough money to say, pay hosting costs when I leave Blogger (Out, damn'd spot!) or pay for my text books.

How do the ads look? If you read via RSS, you'll have to come over and check 'em. Are they really annoying? Do they make you want to denounce this whole world of blogging because everyone is in it for the dirty money? I'm using Adsense at this point, which serves up some real winners, like the following, which I'm sure that many of you moved quickly to take advantage of:

hypoKriTe clothing
Rockin your face with amazing Grace

I'll probably continue to play around with ads, so hopefully it's not too off-putting. I wouldn't mind picking up the cost of dinner with Lindsay every month or so. Or being able to buy one of those cool, non-plastic mechanical pencils. Or some more Spidey band-aids...

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BruceA said...

Good luck with that. I added Adsense to my blog last year, and have averaged about $2 income per month. I still haven't accumulated enough to receive a check from Google.

Will Robison said...

I'm sensing a powerful disturbance in the Force. ;)

(No, really, I don't care. I never look at them anyway).

Ariel said...

Well, these comments are inconclusive. I'll soldier on...and hope for better results than Bruce's!


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