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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Kind of a Big Deal Around Here

Not really, although word has reached me that the blog has been using that line with prospective dates.

But what I was going to say was, getting a book with "the compliments" of the publisher definitely provides some satisfaction... probably only because I'm a juvenile, book loving, fool. But each time a review copy arrives in the mail, it causes a brief moment of celebration. Sometimes a fist pump. Not a YES, after 12 years of sucking at ping pong I just waxed my brother in a best-of-7 series! pump, but the smaller, happy yet subdued fist pump that says Thank you, Thank you, I appreciate that, although I've still got a lot of work to do.

For all the tired people out there--you know, the ones dragging ourselves through grad school or life on our elbows with the assistance of very small children and a coffee dependency--I dedicate this small victory to you. To us.

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Sharone said...

As a fellow grad student, I don't have any idea how you do it all with children and everything else. Bravo!

Ariel said...

Thanks, Sharone! As we both know, higher education begins with sparkling intellectual curiosity...and ends with dogged, caffeine-fueled exertion. :)


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