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Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Not-So-Random Book from My Shelf

Or: Literary Lucky-Dipping--with Precision

I arrived back from Minneapolis yesterday to discover that it was colder here in Kansas City, that Lindsay and Aidan were sick with the flu, and that crafty Ched of Says Simpleton had tagged me for a round of literary lucky dipping. Good thing that one of these circumstances was, well, a good thing. I accept Ched's invitation to chicanery with a vengeance.

Here is how you partake in a round of Literary Lucky-Dipping:

1) Skillfully grab the book closest to you.
Done. My skill in such tasks is unparalleled, unless you count my skill in shooting the fall-away J or brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

2) Quickly open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence.
Fete accompli.

3) Post the text of the following three sentences.
If I must (not having read this part of the book yet):

And thence, I confess, it does follow that if our thinking is ever true, then the metaphors by which we think must have been good metaphors. It does follow that...if there is not, in fact, a kind of psycho-physical parallelism (or more) in the universe then all our thinking is nonsensical. The life of the imagination is lower than the life of the spirit, but the former still retains the shape of the latter, the reality it reflects.

4) Name the author and book title.
This is from the brilliant pseudo-biography of C.S. Lewis, Branches to Heaven, by James T. Como. (No Freudian revelations here, and I'm kind of disappointed.) The above quotation is from, who else, Lewis himself. If you want to know more about C.S. Lewis, or think you have him "figured out," by all means read this book. It's exceptional.

My literary lucky dip is complete, and we have learned something, haven't we? I like C.S. Lewis, and, perhaps, metaphors. This is a startling bit of self-revelation.

5) Tag an indefinite number of people to do the same (so, it could be '0').
I shall tag the following:
John B.

As always, participation is voluntary, but Aidan may have some harsh words for you if you pass up on a chance to enjoy his favorite pastime, literary lucky ripping dipping. I'm limiting myself to six tagees for time's sake, but if anyone else wants to take on this Lit challenge (and who wouldn't?), link up in the comments.

What will your books reveal about you?

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Ched said...

Your foray into literary lucky dipping I see was a smashing success. Any time you get to quote Lewis is a success!

unless you count my skill in shooting the fall-away J or brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


littlepeace said...

Not wanting to suffer the wrath of Aidan (or actually lose any of my teeth), I have complied.

John B. said...

Thanks for tagging, but I've participated in this meme before. So, I'd like for that post to serve as my response to your tag, if you don't mind.

littlepeace said...

Well, not knowing that pretty much the entire faculty of any college attends the graduation, I invited him to come (as well as Mr. Harrell, Mr. Raduziner, and my German teacher). So that might be why. And his son was graduating, too, so maybe he was just overflowing with the milk of human kindness (he also gave Christy Miller a book, I think).

Widsith said...

Thanks for the game, Ariel. I enjoyed it! Here's my link. =)

- MrsC

Jamie said...

Took my dip. :-)

tim said...

you can see my entry here.


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