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Sunday, February 18, 2007

C.S. Lewis & Evangelism

Dr. Mark DeVine has an excellent post up regarding C.S. Lewis' approach to sharing the Christian gospel:

No former student reports hearing a single evangelistic proselytizing word from C.S. Lewis during a tutoring session. J.I. Packer once had the privilege of attending a Lewis lecture. “There was no clue that the man might be a Christian” Packer reports...

[Lyle] Dorsett, during decades of worldwide travel and lecturing on Lewis always asked his audiences to raise their hands if Lewis was instrumental in bringing them to faith and/or nurturing them in the faith. It never fails. Many hands go up...

To know Christ is to want Him known. Clearly, Lewis’ selective silences did not hinder his outstripping of many a Bible thumbing collar-and-back-into-a-corner style evangelist in terms of effectiveness.

The apparent dichotomy in Lewis' life raises some fascinating questions. I highly encourage you to go read the post and think about the issues raised re: the gospel.

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