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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Interview with Andree Seu

I've just discovered that Mindy Withrow has interviewed one of my favorite active writers, Andre Seu. Enlightening stuff, and I was happy to discover that Andree and I have some things in common that surely go beyond mere coincidence...

Have you ever attended (as a student) a writing course or workshop?
No. Unless you count an informal “apprenticeship” under my neighbor Beth. She moved into the house next door about 15 years ago and dropped an exquisite poem in my mailbox on the occasion of Hae Linn’s lost baby tooth. That started a “box” tradition — furtive, midnight exchanges of poems, essays, and short stories across the driveway. She is today a many times over published author...

Check. This is promising.

Do you keep a journal?
No, but I want to start doing that. I think that since it seems my niche in the news magazine is resident thumb-sucker (as opposed to pavement-pounder), it would be beneficial to keep a running record of the things God is whispering to me. You think you will just remember something and then you don’t.

The last couple sentences in that answer express my concerns too. And that line about "resident thumb-sucker?" Exactly!

Have you always wanted to write, or was it an unexpected development in your life?
It was never my goal to be a writer. My debut in the writing world was a providential fluke (to coin a phrase God may only be half pleased with): One day I wrote a little essay for my own amusement and sent it to my brother. He sent it to WORLD and the Lord had mercy on this soon-to-be widow and gave me favor in the eyes of the editor. Easiest job I ever got.

Hmm. So maybe our stories aren't quite so congruent... I will have to craft my own route to bookish fame and fortune. ;)

Hat tip to Brandywine Books.

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Mindy said...

Thanks for the link, Ariel! Glad to discover your blog. Appreciated your review of Original Sin. James is one of my favorites, too; I think I've read them all. As a seminary employee, I particularly enjoyed Death in Holy Orders. Wish she would do some more Cordelia Gray books.

B said...

Thanks for blogging about Andree Seu. She inspires many!

Ariel said...

B, you're definitely right about that. Andree Seu is an inspiration.


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