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Saturday, January 07, 2006

People in the Limelight

Over at Blog Meridian, John B. has launched a new Blogger Limelight discussion hinging on a very significant question:
What is a person?

The context for this query is Roe vs. Wade, and a blog entry by Andrew Sullivan dealing with the death rate of fertilized zygotes. Heavy stuff? Absolutely. But as John notes, "I do think that engaging in the work of defining terms, while it might not solve anything in the short term, at least has the advantage of clarifying our thinking about this complicated but quite literally essential issue."

I think complicated but essential is a good read. And I'm hopeful that some of us will formulate a take, and not be deterred by the weight of this topic.

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mikeofearthsea said...

I have not read the article but I can say this much: even if 75%+ feritlized zygotes, embroyos, whatever you care to call this state of "existence" never see the light of day to due natural miscarriages. And even if the soul actually does not enter the body until - say age two - it does not change - in my humble opinion - the sin of abortion.

The movie, it's a wonderful life, is a simplified, "glitzy" apologetic for the pro-life movement, but along those lines, regardless of all the other evil and suffering of unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation, birth-defects, etc., abortion seems to demonstrate a lack of trust God - even when there is no hope.

On the other hand, a committed Christian couple who are friends of mine faced the medically verifyable ultimatum - "terminate the pregnancy or the mother will die." How much do I fault them for terminating the pregnancy? How could I cope if my wife made the decision to enter eternity instead of aborting her baby?

"Life is hard. God is faithful."


John B. said...

To those interested:
here is my (initial) post on the topic (which contains an indirect response to Mikeofearthsea's concerns).

Andrew Simone said...

Here is my post on the subject. I think it is a good start but not definitive.


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