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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blogger Limelight Explained

I’ve had this new thing that I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Really, it’s your fault. On several instances, a topic introduced on this blog sparked enjoyable discussion. Enjoyable enough to be continued elsewhere.

By way of example, the issue of Risky Prayer caused some outward ripples. Likewise, the question of How a Book Survives the Test of Time. In each case, the discussion was carried on via other blogs, and everyone involved had a good time.

This made me think, Wouldn’t it be cool to make these round blog (as in “round table”) discussions a kind of regular thing? Give it a slightly more organized nature? Invite more people to jump in?

Indubitably, that would be cool. And so Blogger Limelight was born.

In essence, Blogger Limelight is a swank button that gives a little extra flair to what we’ve already been doing. The basic “rules” remain the same.

  1. An interesting topic is mentioned on BitterSweetLife.
  2. The author (me) realizes the topic lends itself to more talk, and points this out.
  3. Other bloggers (you) write a post on the subject.
  4. Then they link back to BitterSweetLife using the Blogger Limelight button.
  5. Next, they leave a link to their post in the comments section of the original piece on BitterSweetLife.
  6. Thoughts are evoked, discussion is enhanced, and a little extra site traffic comes your way.
  7. You, your blog, and the question on the table are sharing the Blogger Limelight.

Really, what could be more simple?


Since HTML is a hassle for most of us, here is applicable button code; all you’ll need to do is cut and paste, and then add a link back to the Limelight discussion post in question.

<img src="">


If you have an idea on how to improve the Blogger Limelight concept, or have an issue in mind you’d love to see discussed, go ahead let me know.

I’m looking forward to future Limelight discussions already!

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