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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shadow of Life

Tomorrow I kick off my semester with a week-long accelerated course featuring five entire days in the class room. The subject matter is good, but this will not be life at its best. It seems only appropriate to post a somewhat wistful shot that kind of expresses my feelings on the eve of Accelerated Learning. (Don't ask me exactly how; I just wanted to post a photo. ;)

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Camille said...

Hey, don't sell yourself short. That kind of intuitive logic colors all of my photo-posting decisions.

gymbrall said...

So, is the tree the future, uncertain, unclear and the shadow on the wall your expectation?

Or is the tree the True past, not as perfectly seen as we are so fond of claiming, casting the shadow of itself (that we have gleaned), upon the inscrutable wall of tomorrow?

Or maybe, just maybe, I've had too much coffee today and should have a good lie down?

Ariel said...

Thanks for the support, Camille. Gymbrall, your questions are deep ones. After considerable thought, I have concluded that the tree represents the outside world, and the shadow represents the fact that I will be watching that world from inside a classroom for almost the entirety of this week. (Thus the photo's highly significant vantage point - through a window...)

I appreciate how you overestimated the profundity of my thought. ;)

Mathias said...

...and a beautiful photo it is. :)


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